Upgrading from LEDE 17.01 to latest stable OpenWrt on Archer C7

Is this upgrade supported on this router (v2 I believe)?

Will I need to re-install and configure luci-app-nlbwmon and luci-app-sqm with their LEDE components?

Are you asking:

  • if supported firmware
  • for a suppored device
  • is supported?


You will need to reinstall any packages not included in the default firmware; but you should not need to reconfigure from scratch - so long as you make a backup of your config.

Thanks for the info. So once I re-install the packages, I should restore my router backup which will restore the config of those re-installed packages?

It is likely to restore the configuration, as needed by the updated packages. There may be slight edits or changes needed. (No, there is no "catalog" of changes you might need to make, at least that I know of.)

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You may also take a copy of the configuration files, if you know where they are, so that if the restoration doesn't go smoothly, you have a copy of the config for the previous version, and you can use it as a reference for editing, if needed.

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Thanks for the replies. I hope the upgrade is successful.

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