Upgrading from 19.07, VLAN questions

I've recently finally put in the time to learn how to upgrade my 19.07 installation to 22.03. I have two questions on how to best set up my desired network.

  1. I will have multiple VLANs, e.g. lan, personal, server, guests, printer, TV, etc. Most of these will not be bridged with any LAN ports. Should I still create a bridge interface for each one of these networks, even though they won't have any LAN ports associated with them? Or should I create and use a 802.1q VLAN without a bridge and just attach that?

  2. Does it make a difference if I have each of my LAN ports in separate bridges (e.g., br-personal, br-tv) or should I leave them all in the br-lan bridge? Is there any difference in functionality between these two options, since I'll still be adding each LAN port to a VLAN?


That depends a lot on your device, namely if it uses DSA or still swconfig - for the former you need bridges, even if proto=none suffices.

Great! I'm using DSA on my router. I went ahead and went through with the update and everything worked well.

As for my second question? Is there any difference between which bridge I put my LAN devices? Or is it just up to preference?

The most general case with DSA is to have one bridge with bridge-vlans inside it. You don't have to connect all of them to physical Ethernet ports now, but if/when you do they will work properly including hardware switching between Ethernet cables in the same VLAN.