Upgrading from 19.07.7 to 23.05.3 on a TP-Link Archer C7 v4 How to?

I've downloaded the new sysupgrade image for my router but I read sysupgrade from 21.02 to 23.05 is not officialy supported.

So I guess I can't use the sysupgrade file to upgrade from 19.07.7 to 23.05.3 either? Or can I?

Whats the correct way to upgrade in my case?
Thanks very much in advance for your help!

You can use latest sysupgrade file but you have to reset configuration. Then type it back into luc from configuration backup file
Why? Configuration files are migrated maximum one major release forward. You can try one step at a time, but it is usually more work cus you have to check esch service after each of 3 jumps and reset with heavy hand if it failed.

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You need only sysupgrade file from:

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Ah ok. Thanks for the quick response! I was planning on resetting the config.


Let us know how you get on, as you will be swapping from ar71xx to ath79 and swconfig to DSA, neither should cause a problem but it's another reason why you cannot keep the current configuration.

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I think it is not yet DSA, but ok, thanks you confirm that 19.x->23 needs reset due to architecture change and step-by-step approach will not work at all.

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I'll let you know but it will be next Friday when I have time to do it.

Ok, so I just used the sysupgrade file with delete the previous configuration.
Then I had to update the config to my previous settings where applicable.
And now everything is working nicely without extra packages installed.

I'm sure the few things left will go nicely too.

So thanks again for your help!

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Next time you sysyupgrade add zram-swap, it adds free slow memory so that hostapd does not crash on 10th client mid garden party