Upgrading dual-firmware devices

Since 21.02 is going to be coming out soon, I'm wondering how you would upgrade a dual-firmware device (Linksys EA8300). You could do it like normal, and flash the sysupgrade image using the currently running OpenWRT firmware, however that seems like it would overwrite the other partition, and if possible I'd like to keep the OEM firmware on there. Could you flash the sysupgrade image from the other firmware, or use some alternative method?

Every time you flash a new image, most routers alternate between partitions. If you want to keep the OEM partition, you will have to manually change the boot partition flag to boot to the OEM partition before flashing an alternate firmware each time. The first time that does not work or you forget, you will be scrambling to figure out how to flash the OEM image. Might be better to learn how to re-flash the OEM firmware, JIC.

Luckily, installing the OEM firmware for this router is as easy as downloading it from the Linksys website and flashing it.

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