Upgrading a 22.03 snapshot questions

After a snapshot upgrade will the settings remain on a Belkin RT3200 UBI? If not, is the restore function working using a pre-upgrade backup

Once snapshot goes general release will I be able to use pre-general release backup after general release is installed or will that not be necessary?

Settings will remain with every upgrade/downgrade, regarding if it is release or snapshot.
But some upgrades will not accept to use the settings, and I dont think you will be able to apply a backup. It is the case with incompatible upgrades, e.g. from old switch to DSA or similar. You will be warned, if that is the case.

I tried upgrading firmware with highlighted file below but it froze. The other file in folder was the original OpenWRT install.

What could of gone wrong? Waited about 5 minutes but my PC with cable connected to router never reconnected. So I hit the reset button to return to original OW image installed.

If you upgraded to a snapshot, snapshots do not have a web GUI. You'll have to connect via SSH and install LuCI.

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I got it fixed--reinstalled everything. Also, these snapshots DO have a GUI by default.

The only question I have is can I do a backup and will it let me reload it?

Thanks for help.

20.03-SNAPSHOT does, the running daily master snapshot does not.

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