Upgrade ZyXEL NSA3xx from 19.07 to 21.02

Just a quick question. I have a couple of ZyXEL NSA3xx on release 19.07 and I want to upgrade to 21.02. I have no interest to save previous config.

Should I uncheck and not save the previous config and then check the "f" or force flag and do update?

I know that I may be able to recover bricked ZyXEL NSA3xx using serial interface on the mobo but its kind of pain....S0 just being lazy and asking the gurus on this forum appeared attractive!

Please let me know.


I think you mean 21.02.1.

Use the sysupgrade firmware, and configure from scratch.

Backup your current config, and use that as reference.

Thank. I corrected and yes, I went ahead with Luci upgrade and it does not have the warning asking to click "f" for force even if you want to save the settings.

I actually did not save the settings as it is just a NAS box and does not have much settings to do.

Easiest upgrade ever!

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