Upgrade WRT54GS V2 to LEDE 17.01.4 from OpenWRT 10.03.1

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I'm new to the forums and the somewhat new to OpenWRT and LEDE. I think I'm confused about the relationship between the two firmwares but from what I understand steps are being taken to merge the two. I'm not sure which community forum I should use but I came here because the OpenWRT one is down.

I have a WRT54GS V2 that I successfully flashed OpenWRT 10.03.1 Backfire to. However, as I understand it, everything that I have seen on the OpenWRT website says that the newest firmware for the device is LEDE 17.01.4. With that in mind I then download the build that appeared to be meant for the device. When I tried to install it via luCI it complained that it need a generic version of the firmware so I found that. That appeared to install correctly but after booting up it won't give me an ip and it appears that something went wrong. Any idea what I did wrong? Will I need to JTAG it back to life?

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The CPU is very slow and might take a few minutes to generate ssh keys, keep that in mind when testing. Given that your device appears to have 8 MB flash and 32 MB RAM (which is tight, but not yet too tight), it should work relatively well with 17.01.4 and newer - at least my similar devices do.

However it is quite likely that your version bump from 10.03.1 to 17.01.4 has seen considerable changes in the config format, with a rather high potential for breakage - so if you opted to retain the config over the upgrade, you may be in trouble. The first approach would be generic.failsafe, followed by firstboot to reset the configuration to defaults.

If that doesn't help, most of these old brcm47xx platforms have boot_wait enabled, allowing you to recover via tftp (or the vendor's recovery program).

If this also fails, serial console access (TTL level, 3.3 volt!) should give you access to the CFE bootloader, from where you should be able to invoke recovery mechanisms such as tftpboot.

Do keep in mind the vintage of your device, a serial console adapter for a buck or two is always useful - the expense for a real jtag or spi programmer however would exceed the remaining value of your device by far and both aren't easy to work with either. You could find significantly better devices (in every regard, RAM size, CPU speed, networking throughput, wlan (802.11n, eventually concurrent 5 GHz) and better OpenWrt compatibility) in the used market starting around 5-10 bucks plus shipping, so spending money on recovery infrastructure for your wrt54gsv2 has rather low economical limits.


Thanks a lot for the help slh! You were right about the config incompatibility because of such a big upgrade. I'll have to remember that. Got it into failsafe mode (not exactly sure how I got it there but I think it was holding down reset during the power on) and then a firstboot did the trick. Thanks a ton!


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