Upgrade/Update Fritz!Box 7520 Firmware

On installation we install these 3 Firmwares (if we want DSL support):


Is the newest version of these's Firmware also available on Gitlab?

Or if not i know the "dsl_vr.." Firmware can be extracted from https://download.avm.de/fritzbox/fritzbox-7520/deutschland/fritz.os/FRITZ.Box_7520-07.57.image

but can aca_fw.bin and ppe_fw.bin also be extracted from there?

How big is the age difference between the Files from gitlab and the one's i would extract anyway if there's any at all?

Just want to have the most up to date Firmware that's all.

Found Answer: Fritz!Box7430 capped at 22Mb/s - #43 by janh

(In most cases: dont update aca_fw.bin and ppe_fw.bin because AVM uses out-of-date version and the one's from prpl foundation on gitlab are actually more up-to-date)

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