Upgrade to OpenWrt 21.02-RC3 Bricked EAP600 - need help unbricking

Hello Guys,
I have just performed a luci sysupgrade on my EAP600 from rc2 , and as a result the AP is not booting . The history of this AP is , it was on the latest engenius firmware , then changed over to 21.02-rc1 without issue , after that sysupgrade to rc2 also with no problems .
From rc2 to rc3 , the sysupgrade upload worked ok , then itseemed to hang without any progress , with webpage spinning icon showing . After waiting for about an hour , with no progress , I was sure something had gone wrong .
For what it is worth (probably not much) the led indicators are : power and network leds illuminated , all others off .

Troubleshooting done so far:

  • connected serial cable to eap600 , and trough trial and error determined the connection pins and port settings .
  • Boot looks like this:
Welcome to minicom 2.7.1

Port /dev/ttyUSB0, 12:02:00

Press CTRL-A Z for help on special keys

U-Boot 1.1.4 (Oct 26 2012 - 16:49:14)

EAP600 (ar934x) U-boot
Wasp 1.2
wasp_ddr_initial_config(249): (32bit) ddr2 init
wasp_ddr_initial_config(426): Wasp ddr init done
Tap value selected = 0xf [0x0 - 0x1e]
Setting 0xb8116290 to 0x10202d0f
128 MB
Top of RAM usable for U-Boot at: 88000000
Reserving 230k for U-Boot at: 87fc4000
Reserving 192k for malloc() at: 87f94000
Reserving 44 Bytes for Board Info at: 87f93fd4
Reserving 36 Bytes for Global Data at: 87f93fb0
Reserving 128k for boot params() at: 87f73fb0
Stack Pointer at: 87f73f98
Now running in RAM - U-Boot at: 87fc4000
Flash Manuf Id 0xc2, DeviceId0 0x20, DeviceId1 0x18
flash size 16MB, sector count = 256
Flash: 16 MB
pci_init_board: PCIe PLL not set for 40MHz refclk
In:    serial
Out:   serial
Err:   serial
Net:   ag934x_enet_initialize...
Fetching MAC Address from 0x87feb718
 wasp  reset mask:c03300 
WASP  ----> S17 PHY *
: cfg1 0x80000000 cfg2 0x7114
eth0: 00:02:6f:f8:00:00
athrs17_reg_init: complete
eth0 up
eth_set_enetaddr(num=0, addr=00:02:6f:f8:00:00)
Setting new HW address on eth0
New Address is             00:02:6F:F8:00:00
eth_set_enetaddr(num=0, addr=00:02:6f:f8:00:00)
Setting new HW address on eth0
New Address is             00:02:6F:F8:00:00
Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0 
Validating MD5Sum of 'vmlinux'... Passed!
Validating MD5Sum of 'rootfs'... Passed!
## Booting image at 9f0a0000 ...
   Image Name:   MIPS OpenWrt Linux-5.4.111
   Created:      2021-04-18  10:06:57 UTC
   Image Type:   MIPS Linux Kernel Image (lzma compressed)
   Data Size:    3265 Bytes =  3.2 kB
   Load Address: 80060000
   Entry Point:  80060000
   Verifying Checksum at 0x9f0a0040 ...OK
   Uncompressing Kernel Image ... OK
No initrd
## Transferring control to Linux (at address 80060000) ...
## Giving linux memsize in bytes, 134217728

Starting kernel ...

OpenWrt kernel loader for AR7XXX/AR9XXX
Copyright (C) 2011 Gabor Juhos <juhosg@openwrt.org>
Looking for OpenWrt image... not found!

System halted!

I am new to openwrt , so I do not know what my next step would be . I expect the idea is to attempt to transfer the image over TFTP , but I do not know what the procedure , and commands for that would be on the EAP600 side .

I have been able to interrupt the boot and get to a shell of sorts command prompt ar7240>, but as mentioned do not know what to do here .
Here is my env:

ar7240> printenv
bootargs=console=ttyS0,115200 root=31:04 rootfstype=squashfs init=/etc/preinit mtdparts=ath-nor0:256k(u-boot),64k(u-boot-0
bootcmd=bootm 0x9f0a0000
factory_boot=tftp 0x3000000 vmlinux-art-ramdisk && bootm 0x3000000
failsafe_boot=bootm 0x9fdf0000

Environment size: 683/65532 bytes
ar7240> bdinfo
boot_params = 0x87F73FB0
memstart    = 0x80000000
memsize     = 0x08000000
flashstart  = 0x9F000000
flashsize   = 0x01000000
flashoffset = 0x0002F7E8
ethaddr     = 00:02:6F:F8:00:00
ip_addr     =
baudrate    = 115200 bps

Much appreciate if I could get some advice and instruction how to reflash the AP from this point .
Best Regards



Much thanks for the help , for pointing me to the right post .
The AP is now back in service .
Best Regards

Hi Mil,

sorry about the trouble, glad you got it online again

a note to everyone else:

sysupgrade from RC1 or RC2 to RC3 is not compatible because of this change that finally got backported before RC3


the safe way to move to RC3 from the other RC or from very old master is to trigger failsafe boot and upload a factory.bin

more information here

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