Upgrade to 21.02 for Xiaomi 3 PRO

Hello community, has anyone tried to upgrade from 19.07 to 21.02 already xiaomi 3 pro model? I know that this device now due to switch architecture is not allowing direct upgrade and the are following options from another post:

  • flashing the OpenWrt 21.02 image without keeping the previous settings with sysupgrade -n -F (-n to not keep settings, -F to skip the DSA error message), and configuring the router from again scratch
  • flashing the OpenWrt 21.02 image without keeping the settings with sysupgrade -n -F, and import the previous backup except for the network configuration, which should be configured manually again
  • (flashing the OpenWrt 21.02 image keeping the previous settings with sysupgrade -F, which may end up with your device having a weird network configuration which you'll have to fix manually)

I really would like to keep my config since i have many custom stuff done on it. Which option u believe is most safe to follow and keep working config or any other suggestions? Thx

So would everyone else.

However, if you want to bypass potential issues and down time due to debugging, the prudent thing is to back up your current configs, and use them as a guide to configure 21.02.1

I used a file and folder diff program to compare my 19.07.8 backup configs with the 21.02.1 configs I backed up before starting.

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HI @anon89577378 thanks for suggestion. So u just went ahead and installed packages needed and after just replaced config files from the backup?

You need to reconfigure from scratch.

However, I saved the "base" 21.02.1 config file before I started reconfiguring.

I made a copy of that to work on, and ran the file and folder diff program comparing it to the 19.07.8 config backup I did before upgrading.

For some configs, I was able to just copy the 19.07.8 config to the "work" copy of the 21.02.1 config.

However, network and a couple of others have significant changes, so you'll need to configure some of that manually.

I would also suggest creating a list of all the installed packages you have on 19.07.8

SSH in to the router and run opkg list-installed.

I would do the same thing on 21.02.1, before starting to install packages.

Then, if you happen to "forget" to install a package, just compare the 19.07.8 package list with the 21.02.1 package list to see what's missing.

So you wind up with a "safety net" by backing up the 19.07.8 configs and packages list, in case you need to downgrade from 21.02.1

You also have something to compare with the 21.02.1 configs to make the transition a little easier.

And, you also have a "safety net" that in the case something goes sideways with configuring 21.02.1, you have a backup of the "base" config, in case you need to start over.

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