Upgrade to 21.02 and vlan tagging not working anymore


I'm trying to reinstall my settings for vlan tagging when upgrading to 21 (on a newifi D2 so migrating to DSA).

It is not working as soon as I enable VLAN tagging, whatever settings I put in it... and before going further, I was wondering if the -1 in the values generated by Luci is normal ?

# /etc/config/network
uci add network bridge-vlan # =cfg05a1b0
uci set network.@bridge-vlan[-1].device='br-lan'
uci set network.@bridge-vlan[-1].vlan='1'
uci add_list network.@bridge-vlan[-1].ports='lan4'


The [-1] that you see is just simply how UCI indexes into the list of parameters: [-1] being the most recently created one.

The DSA syntax is obviously different than the classic VLAN definitions. I don't personally have any DSA devices, so I haven't yet messed with this new paradigm. But there are several threads, including a nice tutorial that should hopefully get you running.

When in doubt about the syntax, I often recommend doing stuff in LuCI and then observing the results as they appear in the UCI CLI or the config files themselves (it looks like you were doing that already). As far as the DSA stuff, if the LuCI settings aren't working, there might be some other nuanced change as far as how you approach the settings -- so if you can share some details about the steps you are taking, that might help. Also, please verify that the rest of your VLAN aware configurations are working as expected (i.e. managed switchs, APs, and any other VLAN aware devices) so that you are not inadvertently chasing your tail with multiple simultaneous issues.


Thank you @psherman ! I'll take time to read and apply the tuto you outlined.

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