Upgrade to 19.07 from LEDE rev 17

Folks, I have some sonoff in detached garage that need a better wifi connection. I have couple of asus rt13u b1 that are unused but flashed to LEDE 17.

I have a choice to make:

  1. Purchase a decent router and flash to 19.07 and set up WDS and save myself some uncertainity.
  2. Flash this cheapo with 19.07 and live dangerously. Who wants to use Rev 17 WDS even though it might just be adequate. Real geaks never do that!!!

Question: Can I just load Sysupgrade of 19.04 or there are more hoops?



Your device seems to have 8 MB flash and 64 MB RAM, while the CPU is at the slower end (rt3052, 384 MHz). I don't see any particular reason not to update to 19.07 (yes, you may want to switch to better hardware in the foreseeable future, but you don't need to just for updating OpenWrt).

Not keeping the existing configuration and reconfiguring the device manually would be the conservative choice, while you might be lucky avoiding that, I would suggest the manual approach.


Thank you so much. Yes it does not have much horsepower but all I need this to do is publish messages on MQTT server every minute for 10 devices. Less than 10 MB traffic per hour!
Thanks again.


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