Upgrade Superwrt (Luci) Firmware to davidc502

Hello Guys,

i have Linksys WRT1900ACv2 with Superwrt Luci interface with 4.19.57

Can you please tell me what are the differnces between this two?

what is your reccomendation? and what is the process to upgrade to davidc502 from Luci,

thank you,


How's your Chinese? http://superwrt.com/

I didn't immediately find any source links there, or on a same-named GitHub account.


Good luck with someone who is said to claim copyright protection on source that is under GPL.

Personally, I'd get that crap off your device as quickly as possible


this it the link:

If somebody has made a derivative of OpenWrt, you should be asking them how is their product better or different.

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Superwrt (from Romania) has been discussed also earlier, and no clarity about its nature was obtained...


Basic problem is that it is a closed-source compilation with no info about what has been modified, and no way to re-compile from clean sources.

But it sounds like a rather normal OpenWrt derivative, so I assume that flashing via sysupgrade should work. Maybe needing to "force" the image, as the sysupgrade verification logic may have changes since then.

this why i checking if i can upgrade my perfomance.

And again, only the folks who made SuperWRT can answer this question.