Upgrade path from 18.06.1

I just found out how old my openWRT version is and need a bit of advice which path is likely the best to update from 18.06.1 to the actual stable version.
running on a APU 2C2 hardware.
(saving the configuration is a given)
Do I first step to the last 18.6. and then the each last major version? Do I save the config install anew and load the config (I guess that might fail due to differences on that big leap).
Thanks in advance.


you'll need to reset your settings, I think x86 have been migrated to DSA.

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Take a config backup. Then flash the latest image for your device. Restore the settings manually, using the backup as a reference only. In some cases, e.g the firewall configuration, you might be able to copy/paste the old config, but verify it first not to brick the router or lock yourself outside.

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The APU boards don't have a switch, so that doesn't matter (and I'm not sure if there are any supported x86 devices with a switch anyway).

But starting with a fresh configuration is probably still a good idea when upgrading from such an old version.

good point!