Upgrade own package with sys upgrade .bin file too

Dear community,
we utilise an OpenWRT based SDK. I can generate an upgrade .bin file with it which I can install in console via sysupgrade or via the web interface fine.

I added a package via package/customer/Makefile with PKG_VERSION:=5.4.7 and all that such, generally an external tzar is pulled in and deployed into the roofs including an init.d start file which gets enabled. Manually installing, downgrading or upgrading the resulting package works fine.

The package is enabled via CONFIG_PACKAGE_customer=y

However, when doing an sysupgrade the package does not get install (despite of being y-ed), when it is installed, sys upgrade should deliver a new version, it does not get updated.

As if it is not included in the sys upgrade bin file.

What can I do to make this work? Am I missing something obvious?
Side Quest: How do I investigate the content of a sysupgrade bin file?

Kind Regards

This sounds like a modified vendor SDK and not vanilla OpenWrt. Since I do not know which modifications have been made, it's impossible to answer your first question. If the package is selected in make menuconfig with a "*", it should be included in the sysupgrade file.

By unpacking it. The tools required depend on how the firmware is packed, binwalk is pretty good at it.

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Yes, it's a modified vendor SDK, not vanilla OpenWrt. And I admit, that's where it might get fishy.

But you confirm my experience that if it's selected via "*" in make menuconfig it should be included in the sys upgrade file. Actually it is because the file size increases accordingly by the amount of added software size.
But it is not handled further somehow.

I am investigating this further and installed bin walk, ended up with an 1AC0.ubi file, let's see what to do with that. Thanks for your kind advise!