Upgrade old OpenWRT (Xiaomi mir3g)

I have a Xiaomi WiFi 3G router and installed long time ago OpenWrt
OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r6835-e495a05 / LuCI Master (git-18.125.76267-055b621) with Kernel 4.14.37

At these days, the upgrade seems to work with .tar files. Nowadays we have .bin files.

While trying to upgrade via

sysupgrade /tmp/openwrt-ramips-mt7621-xiaomi_mir3g-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin

I am getting errors

Invalid sysupgrade file.
Image check 'platform_check_image' failed.

any idea what I have to do?

Metadata has been added to many firmwares to enable better image verification.

You may need to override (force) the check once you are sure that you have a correct image.

Search the forum for your device. Others have probably seen the same earlier.

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