Upgrade MT7620A or MT7620N

I want buy this router MT7620A

or this MT7620N

Can I upgrade it in the future? Where I can find the firmware? Which one do you recommend?

Chaneve is a distributor, not a manufacturer. The MT7620N is manufactured by ZBT and there are 2 versions for the WR826 in the hardware database. I think you can also find the MT7620A under zyxel keenetic omni ii.

Ok, for you is better buy the MT7620A?

The MT7620A has larger Flash/RAM, The MT7620N can be upgraded with a 4G sim card modem.

The MT7620A has just 2 ethernet, the MT7620N has 4 ethernet. The speed is the same? What do you tips?

At this point I'd reconsider if mt7620 (any version) really is the best choice - and try to look for mt7621 based alternatives instead. Not just because 2*880 MHz is a lot faster than 1*560 MHz, but mostly because of the wireless drivers. rt2x00 as on the mt7620 devices has a lot of long standing issues and hasn't much development in the last couple of years, while mt76 is actively developed (with Mediatek's participation); it's still a 'new' driver, but I'd prefer it over rt2x00 any day.


Yes if speed is at all important, one of the MT7621 devices in the $30 range would be a big improvement over either of these.

What is the use scenario? How much ISP speed?

But the speed for the streaming

The other factor to consider is your skill at installation. Some of the newer MT7621a devices are more challenging installations. The first two you listed I think can use the OEM GUI. Of the devices you are considering, look at the device page and the first git commit to see what is involved. Mentally walk through the installation. Search for the device on this forum to see what kind of problems users are having.

I find this one

it's a MT7621AT with openwrt 18.06 and it has 2.4Ghz and 5 ghz wifi.
What do you think about that?

I bought one about 10 days ago. I was stunned at the price and decided to take the risk:


I do not expect it too arrive for at least a month so I can't give a solid recommendation. In the above link, there are cheaper sources than Aliexpress.

There may be a problem with these: