Upgrade kernel version from 4.4.42 to 4.5


Can anyone help me with procedure to upgrade lede's kernel version from 4.4.42 to any version equal to or greater than 4.5.x

I need it kernel version 4.5 or better to be able to use UQIM or UMBIM.

Thank you in advance.


Switch to master or 18.06.

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Can you be more specific? Please explain why?

Thank you.


Allo slh, please help me out if you have something in mind.

18.06: source images

master/trunk: source images

Upgrading the kernel version is not a straightforward task - some of the patches should be removed, some updated and so on. Both master and 18.06 (.0 release should be built by Sunday) are based on 4.16.

It´s 4.9 for ar71xx target and 4.14 for all other targets...

Yes, of course, haven't thought of the different platforms. Anyway - you can check what is the kernel version here. Some of the ar71xx devices have been moved to ath79 so they'll be 4.14.

I am using ZBT we826, can I upgrade lede to 18.06 then the kernel version will be 4.9.xx or it will be 4.14?

I have installed 18.06, and It is kernel version 4.14.50 for 18.06.