Upgrade Gargoyle to the latest LEDE

I am runnin gargoyle 1.92
Recently i read LEDE is much more updated on security patchts.

Do i a factory.bin or upgrade.bin to upgrade to LEDE?

I never ever want to brick my decive/


It is a Tp link nd1042nd v.1

I think you mean TL-WR1042ND.

Since Gargoyle is based on OpenWRT, sysupgrade should work.

Make sure you know how to flash back to stock TP-Link firmware in case something does go wrong.

The full device name is TL-WR1043nd v.1.8
I am not affraid to load the sysupgrade.bin.

But i don't know how to go back to stock. Is it as simple a flashing an original firmware?

You can find more information here!!


Not too long ago, I updated a TPLINK Archer C7 from Gargoyle to LEDE. I'm pretty sure I just ran the sysupgrade and everything went fine.

I would lile to thank you for all this info!:blush: