Upgrade from 21.02.0 to 22.03.3 on R7800 not working

When I upload firmware 22.03.3 for the Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800 via a sys upgrade in the luci interface, the new firmware is not active after a reboot. The old firmware remains active.

How can I find out why the new firmware does not become active after a reboot?

serial console.

you could try to reflash the device completely.

The r7800 is not a dual-firmware device, so this is not a question of not activating the other firmware slot. If you see this behaviour, it means that sysupgrade hasn't even attempted to write the image, probably because it considered the uploaded file as invalid. Check the sha256sum, call sysupgrade from cli (verbose output).

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Thanks for the tips, I was able to solve it now by first upgrading to the latest version in the 21 brach, and then upgrading to version 22. That somehow went well.

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