Upgrade Firmware in tp-link 949N for 940N

Hi, i'm willian i want a instaling your firmware in my roteador. More have new erro of version, 'firmware this in version old, search a new version'.

Haves a new version for my roteador, i haves 3k in corporation.

My version in tplink
3.17.1 Build 161124 Rel.64003n

Im not understanding your question.

Do you have a 940 ?

Or 949?

If the latter, then no there is no support for the 949 device..

There is a thread about the TL-WR949(BR) and its similarity to the WR-940.

I don't know if anyone was successful running a 940 build on their 949. There is no specific version developed for the 949. As I commented in that thread, developer interest in the 949 is low due to its small memory and it apparently being sold only in Brazil.

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the link on the site to the 940N when downloading it comes as wr-941ND. That's right, did not they put the wrong link. Here we have versions of 949 and 940. The 940 does not go up the version of the Opem.

file name for downloadopenwrt-18.06.1-ar71xx-tiny-tl-wr941nd-v5-squashfs-factory

I installed firmware TL-WR940n v5 in WR-949n v5 and it worked.
recommend using this firmware stable: https://static.tp-link.com/TL-WR940N(BR)_V5_161124.zip

I used that name wr940nv5_tp_recovery.bin in Tftpd

I tested it both by Tftpd and by the router's web interface ( in the update firmware option

you can use the tp link wr940n v5 firmware in wr 949n v5 without fear.

you can flash or Tftpd. after this process, I recommend resetting the factory settings