Upgrade and user installed apps lost?!

Hi, until today I have always upgraded openwrt with deleting all current settings. This was quite a time consuming "event", as I had to reconfigure everything again. Today I wanted to keep the settings while upgrading. Okay, the settings were kept, but all my packages I have installed manually are lost. Is this "normal" behaviour??
Thx for any answer!

Yes. Entirely normal. Usually easy to reinstall using opkg update; opkg install package1 package2 ... packagen.

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Did that! Thanks!

There is a script that can automate the reinstallation process, provided the packages are not critical for connectivity and they have not changed name.

So far, I have used it twice from 19.07.1 to 19.07.2 and then to 19.07.3, with good results.
It is up to you to write the package list before the upgrade, either with a cronjob or manually.


Thanks! There are some more nice scripts over there!


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