Upgarde OVA file to latest image

i got an OVA file installed in an VMware installation and it is version 19.07.05. How do i upgrade it to latest 19.07.07 or any newer version please?

Afaik OpenWrt does not provide OVA images,
can you link the page you downloaded it from or explain how it was created?

The main thing I'm trying to see is what OpenWrt image was used to create it.

OpenWrt has two images, the combined-ext4.img.gz and the combined-squashfs.img.gz.

If your VM was created using the combined-squashfs.img.gz then you can just use the normal "firmware upgrade" procedure from either web interface or commandline, and use the combined-squashfs.img.gz file you downloaded from a more recent release as a "firmware image" for the upgrade.
This will remove all packages you installed, like normal for OpenWrt firmware upgrade, but their configuration will still be kept so you will just have to download them again.

If it was created with the combined-ext4.img.gz image, then upgrading is not possible, or at least not automated and you are probably better off making a config backup, reinstall the VM using the other image and then restore the config backup.

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thanks for the quick reply. here is the link i got the ova from http://blog.51sec.org/2014/08/openwrt-in-vmware-as-light-weight.html

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The OpenWrt 19.07 ext4 image also supports sysupgrade.


Seems like he used the ext4 image, and it also seems what I said about the combined-ext4.img.gz is wrong. I just tested this on a PC I have laying around and the firmware upgrade works fine.

So yeah, just download that and use it for a normal firmware upgrade.

In the web interface click on System > Backup/Flash Firmware > Flash Image and then give it that file.

Might be a good idea to make a backup of the config first with the Generate Archive button in the same page.

what is broken in the squashfs images on x86?
Afaik the only limitation is that you can't expand the r/w partition beyond 256MB or whatever it is default, but apart from that it works fine.
I've been using that for ages on an Alix board that is my main router and other x86 stuff, although I'm on snapshot, not stable releases