Updating WRT1900ACS not supported?

I was experiencing some issues today with a site which didn't like a VPN, so I check my router and found out it had lost the VPN Policy Based Routing config. No idea why but I don't like it. Still doesn't appear to run after restoring the config with uci.

I finally figured it was time to update from OpenWrt 19.07.2 r10947. For the record, I'd do it more often, but OpenVPN never seems to work the way I want it (I've never been able to get an IPv6 address for example).

The device page sent me to the sysupgrade link for 21.02.1 which I downloaded (FYI, the device isn't listed in the Firmware Selector).

However, upon uploading it gives me a nice verbal error:

This could mean my device is not supported after all or that the developers changed something in one of the intermediate versions.

Either way, I would like some advice on what to do next. It's my only router and with all the working from home it's not something I want to mess up.

Thanks in advance.

DSA - https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/dsa/dsa-mini-tutorial

Make a backup of your current config for reference. Un-check Keep Settings, and select Force upgrade to flash.

Looks like it will be quite the upgrade project, not to mention I already see several threads about issues on this model. Better wait until the holidays when I don't have to work.

This change means I can't restore the config afterwards? I'll have to reconfigure manually? If so, good thing I created the entire config in uci scripts. I'll have to check if I maintained it though.

Thank you, glad to know this is by design. Even though I have some experience, the thought of losing my Internet connection and being unable to come here for help in fixing it still terrifies me.

You can short circuit things by moving files(s) aside, the only real show stopper is /etc/config/network with the DSA change; and of course if things go horribly South you can just toggle the power switch to go back from whence you came.

Well, network is kind of a big one, with wifi and vpn both customized.

I'll probably play around with it in two weeks or so and read all the recent 1900ACS threads in the meantime.

Do I need to mark this as solved or is clicking the Solution button enough?

By the way, I'd love to know which Solution plugin you're using for my own Discourse server.

I figured I'd update to the latest 19.07 only to lose all network connectivity. Probably due to not having all previous software packages installed. Or at least I hope that was it. Managed to reboot to the alternate partition.

Note to self: when I say "holiday project" that means "holiday project"

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