Updating: Squahfs or Ext4: Which one o choose?


i'm using openwrt on a NanoPi R2S. I would like to update it with the latest release but i need to select a sysupgrade in squahfs or ext4.

How do i know from the web interface which flash (sqaushfs or ext4) of openwrt, i'm actually running ?

If not via the web interface, with an ssh to the router, how do i know if i'm using the squashfs or the ext4 ?


on master snapshot (probably 21.02.1 also)...

ubus call system board | jsonfilter -e '@["rootfs_type"]'

on older systems


or check the image you last installed with

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mount worked for me on 21.02.1

Didn't get any output with the ubus command.

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