Updating existing Firmware and get latest fixes on APU2C4 with Image-Builder

Hey Guys,

I need your help again.

I successfully build a working firmware file with the Image-Builder one month ago, with this guide:

Developer Image Builder Guide

So now my question is, because i like to be up-to-date, how to perform an Upgrade or rather how to build a new firmware file with everything up-to-date.
I wanna to update my firmware every two weeks to get the latest fixes.

BTW my build-system is on a Debian-VM in saved stated since last update so everything is as it was after building last time.

Sorry i read all articles i found about it but cant figure it out or rather i'm not sure if i do things correct.
Last time i tried this i corrupted everything and needed to build everything from scratch which took me 2 whole days to make it work again.


Love this Community

PS: I'm German sorry for grammar

Delete the old imagebuilder and working tree, download/ decompress a fresh one and start over again.


So i have to rechoose every option in make menuconfig everytime i want an upgrade?

Is there really no more simple way to achieve a, in my opinion, simple update to get the latest fixes.

Because when i want an update every 2 weeks i will need every two weeks one whole day only to update my router.