Updating docs for Netgear WAC124


I'm running OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r16069-ec76cbc521 / LuCI Master git-21.060.51374-cd06e70 on WAC124, https://openwrt.org/toh/netgear/netgear_wac124. What information can I provide to update that page?

Also, what other resources does the project need? donations? hardware? etc?


Just follow the instructions on the page:


Getting started with a new Device Page

  1. This is an empty template that suggests the information that should be present on a well-constructed Device Page. This means, that you have to fill it with life and information.

  2. There are several “fixme” tags with text on a light background (like this text) throughout this template. As you fill in the page, remove those tags so that people can judge its completeness.

  3. When there are no more “fixme” tags left, delete this one too, along with the <WRAP> that encloses it.

Thanks for the very fast response @tmomas. I did find the "edit" page, but as expected, without a wiki account, I can't save anything. I wasn't sure who to ask in irc, so i asked in general. The question probably was lost in the scroll. Can I send (email/dm here/debian.paste link) someone a patch for the page?

Just PM me your desired username and emailadress and I will create an account for you in the wiki.

Thanks for the trust. I don't think I can PM yet in this discourse instance. I'm deimos_ on irc as well.

Thanks! I'm in and just saved first minor edit. More soon.

I bought a Netgear wac124 recently. I would just like to add that in failsafe mode you need to use a crossover cable and use the LAN1 port. I spend some time figuring it out and I thought it would be nice to put it on the wiki page. @deimos_wrt

Thanks @Gilles. Page is updated! https://openwrt.org/toh/netgear/netgear_wac124#failsafe_mode

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