Updating Davidc502 build on 4.14.103 to most recent available

I'm on a r4506 build of Davidc502 for OpenWrt Shelby wrt1900ACS Version1 or 2, kernel v4.14.103. Are there any "gotchas" I need to know before upgrading to the most recent kernel version for 5.4.41, dated 2020-05-24?

Same procedure as before?

Backup your current config via luci to external storage (usb). Unpack the tarball, remove
/etc/config/ubootenv and /etc/fw_env and re-pack the tarball. Update, but DO NOT use restore config.

Once the upgrade completes restore the modified config via luci. On next reboot log in as usual and install your user installed packages.

I unpacked davidc502's latest build for my 1900ACS and there are no folders named etc/config/ubootenv or etc/fw_env. Does that mean I can use it as is?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Are you unpacking the sysupgrade.bin?

You need to generate a backup of your current config and then modify it.

Flash the sysupgrade.bin and make sure save settings is un-checked.

Once the router re-boots after the flash, you can then restore your config minus the two indicated files and download your extra packages.

OK, now I get it. I did a backup and edited out the two files. Will give the rest of the procedure a go later today. Thanks.