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In the wiki it states that after flashing the initramfs-image the switch will be set up as to only allow access to the management interfaces through VLAN100 on port 1 (the yellow labeled one). This is probably true for the 21.x.x series. However, flashing the 22.03-rc5 this is no longer so, something which I had to figure out through disassembling the switch and soldering UART pins. Instead, the switch is configured to on port 1 without any VLAN, meaning access to Luci/SSH is easier since one only has to configure any ethernet interface to say and access them directly.

It'd be preferable if the wiki could be updated reflecting this change, hopefully saving someone (like me!) in the future from having to buy soldering equipment only to find out the solution is as simple as above.

Apparently editing the wiki is not allowed even for users who log in through Github, otherwise I'd done these changes myself.

Thanks in advance

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Please see this pinned title:

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I removed the VLAN warning.

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Hi all;

Have some trouble myself installing on a new GS108Tv3;

Followed the steps on the device page, using the 'OEM easy installation' method, followed all the steps, only trouble i had is realising i had to set a password before i could scp the sysupgrade file over.

Reboot and no web interface, cant ssh, i tried it with and without vlan (but havent used vlan before, just set it via gnome gui).

Managed to get into failsafe mode (tcpdump helped), checked sha1sum, mounted the overlay, which did have stuff, and tried sysupgrade again. Same result.

Not sure what to do now, i cant see any logs to examine, would appreciate any pointers.

EDIT: Ii followed the 22.03 instructions, but double-checking the file i actually downloaded was the 21.02.3
So perhaps VLAN doesnt matter in failsafe mode ?
When i did try VLAN i might not have done it properly as ive never done it before, that gives me somewhere to look anyway.

EDIT2: Fixed it, sometimes its hard to see the most obvious mistakes;


Oh that's just lovely. I edited the page a while ago because the management VLAN was removed prior to the 21.02 release, and someone added it again... What the actual frack.

Long story short, no the VLAN is not necessary anymore as of 22.03 and on master. If you can use failsafe, I'd rather wipe it (running firstboot) instead of reactivating it again, unless you manage to spot the errors.

You should be clear about which image you're using, master ones do not include LuCI, releases and release candidates do.

While I don't know the user in question, he is right on realtek for openwrt-21.02:

This has only been rectified for master and openwrt-22.03:

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Nevermind me :person_facepalming:t2:

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