Updated OpenWrt to 22.03, now can't access APs

So I just installed the 22.03.2 build on my previously 19.07 Linksys WRT3200ACM.

After a few teething issues, I now have internet back on the main router, but I cannot access any of my 3 APs connected to the main router via ethernet, and those APs now don't have internet either.

Also internet speed has dropped from 700mbps to 100mpbs after this upgrade, but my main worry atm is why only the main router has internet.

not sure if it's relevant but I am using Surfshark Wireguard which is working on the main router.

Any help would be amazing, thanks so much!

Reset them?

When you ran the upgrade, did you keep the settings and/or subsequently restore a backup file? If so, that is your problem. To fix this, you'll need to reset and configure from scratch.

Otherwise, there are some issues with the latest OpenWrt and that device which may be relevant...
See this thread

If that's not the problem, we'll dig deper.

Ah this might be my issue, I did both (I kept the settings and I then restored my backup file)...

What would be the correct process to reset and start again?

Also I had stayed on 19.07 for so long because of the issues I had with 21 on these routers...wondering if I should downgrade to a different older version or stick with 22.03.02 for now? I did see a couple of people mention they were using 22.03.02 without issues so Might be ok

Thanks so much!

Yeah, under the hood there have been massive changes (primarily the shift from swconfig > DSA), so files are not compatible. Technically speaking, upgrading from 19.07 > 22.03 while keeping settings is not even supported for devices that didn't have that transition.

If you can't connect at all, use failsafe mode to reset your device. Make sure it is isolated (i.e. disconnected except for a single ethernet connection directly to your computer) and then perform the reset and basic configuration.

thanks so much for your help! I reset the router and set it up from scratch, and it is now working great. For now I am on 22.03.2 and so far the wifi and speed is SO much more stable and everything is loading so much better on my devices, so looking good atm, will need to see longer term as it's only been 9 hours uptime.

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