Updated nginx to trunk (today), no "//var/run/luci-webui.socket"

Updated nginx (from 1.16.0-1) to get NGINX_UBUS support for home-assistant

now, luci/luci_uwsgi (2.0.18-2) is borked:
connect() to unix:////var/run/luci-webui.socket failed (2: No such file or directory)

I did some research (https://github.com/openwrt/packages/issues/10235) and, major changes to uwsgi-cgi which seem to address this.

1 - have I opened a can of worms here, needing to pull in all sort of updates?
2 - Would it be better / possible to stick with previous nginx and just add NGINX_UBUS?
3 - What do I have to update in addition to nginx and uwsgi-cgi. I note from the linked thread that there were problems with linked files for backup / restore. Does this mean a luci update also required?

To answer the obvious question: why not just go to trunk and be done with it? Problem is, my distribution (www.rossco.org) has over a hundred custom packages including xorg and vmware workstation. It is several months of effort to integrate with a new openwrt revision (patching standard packages...) and regression testing.

So; looking for simplest / easiest way / advice to get NGINX_UBUS.


There is no guarantee of API stability if you upgrade packages independently. I believe that there have been some very significant changes in how LuCI works over the last several months.

I can't comment on your private code repo, so you'll have to make that call yourself. If you want to stay secure, which seems to be the intent of your distro, staying up with master is essential. v17 is out of support, v18 is effectively EOL as well.

Thanks Jeff

As I suspected...
Tried adding NGINX_UBUS to existing nginx version. Discovered not supported.
Made the call: Avoid can o'worms. No home-assistant ubus support, this version, defer til next openwrt release.