Updated lists... via gui and now my gui tabs are gone

Hi everyone, earlier around 4-5am I updated lists via the software section in openwrt gui. Went to the 3rd tab "updates" and upgraded everything like usual and now I lost my gui tabs. When I login it always redirects me to the software section.

I can't get to any other part of openwrt through the gui. I believe I updated the "Luci base" and it said something about removing files and trying to upgrade but I do not see anything else when logging on. Hoping they ReUpdate lists to provide fixes for this. First time this has happened.

Opkg upgrading everything is not usual or normal.
It can easily lead into serious trouble if you try to upgrade core packages providing the backbone to config and GUI tasks.

Possibly upgrading opkg itself failed in the middle, or something similar.

You might need to reset the router via "firstboot" command.
(I assume that you have already rebooted the router and that did not help)


Upgrading packages via the LuCI interface is the same as the command line option.

opkg upgrade can result in major problems. It is generally highly discouraged, unless you know what you are doing or if there is specific instruction to do so.

I always do this via the gui since I believe around January there was a newer firmware and ever since then they have had a software section to upgrade so easily now in the close to 1 year mark I've used openwrt.

Thank you Hnyman, I did not reboot it though and once I did that by manually turning it off and on the gui shows up again. Thank you very much. This is the first time I've had to reboot my router because of updating all packages. Thanks again!

Sorry, ever since January-ish I believe they have had a new feature to upgrade through the software section in the gui. Made it so convenient that I update almost every day with no problems except today. I rebooted my router manually and it's fixed now. I didn't think to try that first before going to forums to ask for help since this is the first time upgrasing packages has caused an issue for me. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Reboot your system or run rm -r /tmp/luci-* to restore the missing tabs.

Sorry for late reply, i fixed it, i just simply manually turned off router and turned it back on and my GUI is back to normal. Thank you, i'm a novice at commands and where to insert them. Wouldn't know how to do that :\ Thanks again!

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