Updated list of cheapest hardware?

I've been searching for a sub $10.00 device that could run the latest openwrt, preferably ar71xx based without any luck.

I've come across old lists of 'what's the lowest price' posts but nothing official or updated.
Wondering if either anyone knows if there are any sub $10.00 routers, 400Mhz, 4/16 is plenty, ar71xx based or a current list of folks sharing their finds.


If you are in the UK, BT Home Hub 5 Type A.

Edit: should probably add that first flashing requires TTL serial to USB adapter, but I imagine if you are talking about such low price for the device then you are likely be looking to get a number of them, so throwing few bucks for the TTL adapter should be OK:

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16 MB RAM is not sufficient for anything (even just booting is challenging at best), let alone enabling the wifi. 32 MB is already below minimum system requirements and really painful in practice.

20 USD isn't much of a problem (looking at gl.inet's range of entry level devices), but 10 USD won't buy you anything reasonable. Aside from having luck on the used market (as mentioned by @Hegabo, the BT Home Hub 5 Type A (used) regularly sells for around ~9 GBP plus shipping, beyond that one, recommendations are hard to make, as availability is random and depending heavily on local circumstances and pure luck).

A very strong recommendation goes to only considering devices safely above the minimum system requirements, which means at the very least 8/64 MB.


Thanks for the info folks.

I was using some sub $10.00 mini 3g/4g routers for a while which only have 4/32. These had enough resource for my requirement but they started being put out into the market using different boards and you never know what the board is so it's not safe to buy them. And yes, $20 is not a lot but I do need them under $10.00 for this project.

Anyhow, just wondered if anyone knew of an updated list/post somewhere since folks ask this question now and then but I could only find old info.