Update NTP setting: Mexico no longer observes daylight saving time


Devices using openwrt.pool.ntp.org seem to be getting the incorrect time after daylight savings was "abolished".

"Most of Mexico no longer observes daylight saving time (DST; Spanish: horario de verano ) as it was abolished on Sunday, 30 October 2022"

Daylight saving time in Mexico - Wikipedia

Right now, they report an extra hour more than they should.
I got around it by using other ntp servers while this was sorted out but looks like it's still an issue.


Is it possible to take a look at that for the official servers?


I guess this affects users when restoring to default settings if they don't know where to look for


NTP delivers the time in UTC. No time zone data or Standard Time/DST is applied in the data that is returned by the servers.

Therefore, this suggests that the OpenWrt time zone offsets (and the application of DST) needs to be updated.

I'm surprised that the other time servers are behaving differently, though.


Thanks for your reply

Is this something that is part of OpenWRTs "OS code" or a plugin?

To clarify the issue:
If you go to "Current Local Time in Mexico City" (at the moment of writing this, for instance) it says is 9pm.
With the timezone set to Mexico City and default pools (0.openwrt.pool.ntp.org), it would report 10pm.
With one of the pools I replaced it with (time.google.com and time.nist.gov) would report correctly 9pm.

Mexico City is now "Central Standard Time" (CST) but is reporting as "Central Daylight Time" (CDT). Before "abolishing" the use of "Daylight Saving Time", this would be correct. It would match other cities in CDT time, for instance Chicago

The device I'm testing this with is a gl-ar750 running their latest version. (Native OpenWrt 22.03.4)

That's not proper Openwrt, you need to ask gl.inet to fix the issue, not us.


You are actually right. This is a GL-UI problem.

Seems that changing the timezone with their UI and with Luci produce two different results.
Setting the timezone to Mexico City in /cgi-bin/luci/admin/system/system and then selecting "Save & Apply" produces the correct result
Setting the timezone GL's /#/timezone and then selecting "Apply" is what gives the extra hour. The timezone change is reflected in the Luci UI but the time is wrong.

I'll kick it back their way.

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