[UPDATE] LEDE 17.01.6 custom builds for TP-LINK WR841N(D) WR941N(D) WR743N(D) WR741N(D) WR740N(D) All Versions

My regards!
Thank you for your work, it is very important!
Today I installed 841v8 and could not copy the MAC from the computer (as the provider’s binding), besause can't find it in LuCi. There is no "Override MAC" in Interfaces=>WAN.
What am I doing wrong?
Forgive me for my English, I'm from Ukraine.

That is odd. piece_of_cake should be better than fq_codel in terms of hogging up resources. layer_cake is another story though. Try comparing piece_of_cake with fq_codel and not layer_cake.

Could you tell me the complete config of you Lite build. I wanna add UPNP and PPPoE to it for myself. It would be unreasonable to just ask you so I wanna try a hand at it my self first. Have you considered using zram-swap on your builds? It seems to make browsing the UI much better (imo doesn't lock up the router with >1.00 cpu usage)

What would be the configuration that would consume the least processor? Can you tell me ?. It has another question, I disabled the WMM function in wireless, since I use sqm. The use of cpu has improved. I disabled, log, cron, dropbear and ntp. has improved even more.

I did not use layer of cake, and yes piece of cake.

Here are my other compilations, including zram-swap, check the changes
Optimized build LEDE 17.01 / OpenWrt 18.06 / libreCMC for “small devices” TP-LINK WR740N(D) WR741N(D) WR743N(D) WR841N/D) All Versions

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May I ask why you did not use zram-swap in the 17.01.6 build?

Because I decided to try squashfs at 512 Kb and got a good performance on the complete custom compilations
Users comment that they have stability in TP-LINK routers WR841 and WR741

Hmm. squashfs at 512kb leaves less space compared to 1024kb in exchange for less ram usage. Correct? I suppose that works.

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Is it maybe possible to build a wireguard version for wr740 v4?

Almost 24 hours, 100% stable.

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The only reason I wanted a lite version was to have more space to install the package I want. But without opkg it's not possible! Why have you even build these pointless images?!

you can compile your own build online and select packages as per your requirements.

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Well I know that but I am not willing to put efforts that could potentially go waste for following reasons:

  1. I use a Mac and I'll need to setup a Linux env.
  2. I may still not be able to save enough space to install mwan3.
  3. The router is not gigabit and probably has a slow processor to handle load balancing.
  4. I may end up bricking the router and will have to put in more efforts to unbrick it using serial.

But had there been a lite firmware around with opkg, I would have been interested in giving it a shot.

keep in mind that opkg requires more space to install packages.

you can use OpenWrt chef to create firmware online, you just need to modify the package requirement. wroks directly from any browser.

you can't install mwan3 and luci-app-mwan3 on 4mb flash size from opkg, you will have to include the packages while building the firmware, but you'll have to sacrifice some packages.

wr841n has 100Mbit eth ports, I'm not sure it will throughput 200Mbps through its 300Mbps wireless, but it will max out at 100Mbps on its LAN ports. So, yeah, fail-over WAN will work perfectly, although not sure about WAN aggregation/load-balancing. you can give it a try.

OMG! This online service is awesome! Thanks a lot!

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If you want mwan3 the best thing is to use a router TP-LINK, NETGEAR, ASUS, LYNKSYS with 8MB of flash memory.
In your case, if you have a router mentioned in this topic (4MB of flash memory) opkg takes up a lot of space, which is why it is eliminated in most custom compilations. Being a MAC user and reading your comments I think you make excuses to create your compilation according to your needs (you expect someone else to do it for you) And my custom compilations will not make sense for you, but for most users who use OpenWrt if They have senses :relieved:

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@xhaka Look I know it sounded harsh but ultimately someone had to say it. I am sorry for being blunt but deep down there, even you know I am right. What are you saving space for if you can't use it? And if you are so worried about others not doing their work on their own, don't post firmware(s) in the first place. Take them down right away!

In short, if you own a router with 4MB of flash memory even if it sounds cruel; you can only use it in a basic way:
delete buffferbloat with SQM, Adblock, DDNS, Wireguard, OpenVPN, these are some packages that can be used; You can not demand much from a small capacity router. LEDE / OpenWRT with each update leaves very little space to use new packages. Have you seen a compilation with mwan3 on 4/32 memory devices? I do not ... And with respect to download my firmwares immediately, those comments I pass through the arch of triumph ....

@xhaka Hello again xhaka, okay? I'm testing the COMPLETE build on my wr841nv9, because somehow I need the ipv6 function for the router to work in PPPoE. But I have a problem. I use an AP (Tent AC10) router connected to the WR841N for wireless, however, the tent ac10 does not receive the wr841n IP, it appears, see: and I do not have internet access.
I think it should be something related to ipv6, how do I disable it and use ipv4? I'm a bit lazy about ipv6, I do not understand much.