[UPDATE] LEDE 17.01.6 custom builds for TP-LINK WR841N(D) WR941N(D) WR743N(D) WR741N(D) WR740N(D) All Versions


My regards!
Thank you for your work, it is very important!
Today I installed 841v8 and could not copy the MAC from the computer (as the provider’s binding), besause can't find it in LuCi. There is no "Override MAC" in Interfaces=>WAN.
What am I doing wrong?
Forgive me for my English, I'm from Ukraine.


That is odd. piece_of_cake should be better than fq_codel in terms of hogging up resources. layer_cake is another story though. Try comparing piece_of_cake with fq_codel and not layer_cake.


Could you tell me the complete config of you Lite build. I wanna add UPNP and PPPoE to it for myself. It would be unreasonable to just ask you so I wanna try a hand at it my self first. Have you considered using zram-swap on your builds? It seems to make browsing the UI much better (imo doesn't lock up the router with >1.00 cpu usage)


What would be the configuration that would consume the least processor? Can you tell me ?. It has another question, I disabled the WMM function in wireless, since I use sqm. The use of cpu has improved. I disabled, log, cron, dropbear and ntp. has improved even more.


I did not use layer of cake, and yes piece of cake.


Here are my other compilations, including zram-swap, check the changes
Optimized build LEDE 17.01 / OpenWrt 18.06 / libreCMC for “small devices” TP-LINK WR740N(D) WR741N(D) WR743N(D) WR841N/D) All Versions


May I ask why you did not use zram-swap in the 17.01.6 build?


Because I decided to try squashfs at 512 Kb and got a good performance on the complete custom compilations
Users comment that they have stability in TP-LINK routers WR841 and WR741


Hmm. squashfs at 512kb leaves less space compared to 1024kb in exchange for less ram usage. Correct? I suppose that works.


Is it maybe possible to build a wireguard version for wr740 v4?


Almost 24 hours, 100% stable.