Update DynDNS according to the Interface IP

Ahoy friends.
Currently i got my cable modem, Fritzbox 6591 running, and my OpenWRT behind. The router is running in bridge mode, so i get a public ip address (but even though, the router also get's a seperate one.).

When i set up DynDNS on my OpenWRT router, on my related WAN interface, it shows the following ip in LuCi interface: That's how it is meant to be, this address is reachable from outside.
Now a quite funny thing happens, from no where, DynDNS on LuCI assigns the address to the associated DynDNS domain, but not the one. is the public ip address of the bridging router, but is not being set on any OpenWrt interface, so i don't know how it can appear.
So i was thinking about using https://myexternalip.com/raw in order to provide the appropriate IP address, because using this link, it returns the desired address, which works quite fine.
But unfortunately i got a mwan3 setup, with load balancing, so this website always returns a different ip address, what is getting messy now.
Is there a way to only access this URL in order to update my ip address appropriatly, but only using a specific outbound interface, instead of load balancing?

You can create a rule in mwan3 to use only one wan for reaching to the IP of the ddns provider.

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