Update blocked linksys mr8300

Hi I wanted to upgrade my linksys mr8300 to the latest version via sysupgrade. I've done this before without any problems, but this morning I've been seeing the "do not turn off device... etc etc" screen for over an hour now. What should I do to restore it? I keep pinging but it always tells me that the device is down.
Thanks to anyone who can give me a hand

WOW and now, how can I do for to restore my device?
Thank you

read the wiki page, linked to in the other thread.

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Here is how to manually switch to the "other" partition and restore control on your device. Than you can flash 22.03.3. NOT .4 ! :wink:

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Sorry to say a warning is not the answer to this problem, a refresh would have solved this matter
long ago. Development has already refreshed some 21.x branch devices but have left the complete 22.03.4 branches derelict. Sometimes the lack of common sense just breeds trouble, and putting off the closure of the UBI issue to another cut just keeps the bleeding going as the remaining devices are upgraded without prior caution. What was the reason for the rush job on this last cut when severity one issues still persisted?

I can't answer, I'm not involed in OpenWrt coding and development. I wish I can but I'm too far involved in other computer activites, various projects, my job and even a PhD. So at my level of experienced user, I can only provide a warning in the wiki. I guess that at some point of development/commits/updates, the dev team choose to release a minor version when they feel ready. Even if some subtarget has an issue, because I guess that this case happens everytime considering the number of subtargets.

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When severity one issues persist, another cut is not proposed. A device that does not boot with the new package, cannot obtain diagnostics without serial level debugging, or random crashes and spontaneous rebooting without the ability to secure the logs for troubleshooting should not be grounds for release cuts when the prior versions were operational or they contained severity two or lower issues. If the device would have been dropped from the release due to end-of-life or unwilling to correct issues, then the grounds for the cut are still warranted. Using a dart board to pick releases is not sensible, closure of all severity one issues prior to the drops are. Since the scope of the UBI bug has not been fully completed, a refresh of the branch keeps the matter closed from now on.