Update 17.01.2 to 17.01.4

I fooled with 17.01.2 a few months ago and then dropped it for the day job requirements. Now I have some time again, and see that 17.01.4 is out.

NOTE: I am a long time programmer, mostly C# under Windows, but I go way back to CP/M 80. This is the first time with Lede/owrt and it will take some time to even know what questions to ask.

It is easy to simply use git and have the latest 17.01.4 but as I start to use it there must be a better way to take 17.01.2 gracefully to a newer release. (?)

Is there any documentation or can someone give me the command line way to do it?

If you are using LuCI, simply go to System > Backup/Flash firmware, and use the 17.01.4 sysupgrade firmware for your specific router.

LEDE has a comprehensive documentation section here...


Thanks, but that is missing the point. I know how to upgrade the router with a new firmware.

I am asking is there an easy way to keep the source code up to date, or do you have to simply obtain the new release via git and go through the menuconfig options to get the things you want?

I suspect that there is, which will be handy as the code base grows.

You might want to get on the mailing list...


For myself, I look for the release announcement in the forum and get the build from here...



Hard to understand exactly what you are asking about. git pull and then git checkout v17.01.4, maybe? If it's for setting new configuration options then try make oldconfig if you have a .config from 17.01.2.

Thanks. It looks like pull is the option I want.

Time to hit the git manual and quit doing things the hard way.

Make defconfig should be plenty to configure any options that have been added since to the 17.01 tree (won't be anything pervasive either way). In fact, I believe the buildroot will prompt you to set new configuration options if you haven't done so yourself before you start compiling.