uPD72020x firmware (WNDR4700)

Today I was investigating packages uPD72020x-firmware_2_powerpc_464fp.ipk ( /./etc/init.d/sysloadfw)
what I noticed the file "uPD72020x-firmware_2_powerpc_464fp.ipk[/./data/]etc/init.d/sysloadfw" seems to be redundant file inside ipk

I am just making this remark to seek your ( @chunkeey ) attention, since, I dont know the scope and rage of device it is applicable.

Sort of. There's one situation where the code in the script is useful though.

Picture this: you are booting a unmodified image for the first time and the uPD720202 doesn't have the firmware loaded... Naturally, you could just install the firmware package and reboot to get the device working. However you can also run the script at this point, which will manually upload the pending firmware request and let it initialize the xhci driver.

Edit: I have to add that the request times out after 60 seconds. So you would need to be quick.

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