UnwiredOne DTS file

Hi, I have this UnwiredOne board from kickstarter, it's runing OpenWRT Chaos Calmer and is AR9331 based with 16MB flash and 64 MB RAM and I want to sysupgrade to v18.06.5, but isn't listed on hardware table... So I need to build a image, as a start point I have the source files from the chaos calmer image builder and using the grep command suggested here I got the minimum list of files needed to add the board and build the image with a new version of OpenWRT... but before continuing with these I read about dts file, but I don't understand, can I use only the dts file to add a new device to image builder and get rid of the other files? or dts file is a optional complement? or the dts file is not available to AR9331 based devices?

"Chaos Calmer" suggests either an ancient OpenWrt release, or the proprietary, Qualcomm Atheros QSDK, but certainly not any current OpenWrt release.

They are obligated to supply you with the GPL "Corresponding Sources" -- of course getting that from a faceless, Russian-speaking group probably won't be easy.

The Image Builder is only for assembling images from packages pre-compiled for already supported boards.

For a new device, you'll need to build from source.


The DTS file is basically a "roadmap" to the device and how it is wired. There will be sections in common, like the SoC itself, then parts that are different for every board, such as which pins connect where and to what other chips. That can be the most challenging, especially without the OEM source.

The now-deprecated ar71xx platform used "mach" files instead of DTS to define the hardware and which compatible drivers could attach. Current development is on the DTS-based ath79 platform.

When you log into the device, is /proc/device-tree/ present?


Only /proc

They (the russian) put on his website a vitualbox image with linux and the image builder for compiling openWRT, using there the grep command searching for unwone and unwired I got the list of files that I talk about:


./package/base-files/files/etc/config/system (

These files have information about flash memory structure, GPIO, LED, reset, some custom drivers for use with a humidity sensor.. so my question is if I can use these files to: 1) keep the use of mach-file and ar71XX platform to buil a image to make a sysupgrade or 2) make only a DTS file with ath79 platform to make the sysupgrade.

Thanks for your time.