Unwanted default gateway

I have an OpenVPN interface. The use default gateway option is unchecked but after boot default route is created. When I restart the interface manually, no route is created and everything works just fine.

I have done all the changes on a clean firmware. Is there any way to fix this?

The OpenVPN client process itself controls setting up the interface and installing routes. If the server is configured to make itself a default route, the client will install the route as the tunnel starts up. But this can be addressed in the OpenVPN client configuration, particularly the "ignore redirect-gateway" option.

It is no longer necessary to configure a "vpn" interface in OpenWrt at all, since the firewall now allows referring to devices (such as tun0) directly.


Hmm. Thanks. I'm pretty sure I haven't changed OVPN configuration before. Probably something has changed in the server settings. This is not very convenient, since I often change ovpn config files

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