Unsupported device but supported chipset. What to do?

Sometimes I have a router unsupported in my hands, but I see the chipset is supported. Can I flash some kind of image?
For example... 3com 3CRWE454A72 (Arcadyan WA6001A-32) has an ath25, but it is not in the list, what can I do to put LEDE on it?


You'll have to develop support for the device yourself, considering that you're probably the only one who owns that device (and cares). There probably isn't much missing in terms of kernel support, but you'll have to investigate the firmware format (to get something accepted by the oem firmware updater), the flash partitioning and what makes up your device, so you can write the corresponding mach file. Check the git history for adding (ath25 specific) new devices for examples.

Given the age of that device and the most likely very low system specification you should reconsider it it's worth the effort. While you can certainly get device support for low-spec devices merged, actually running current code on devices with less than 4 MB flash/ 32 MB RAM is close to impossible (yes, it's possible, but not reasonably, with stuff crashing left and right once you actually do something) - while you want at least 8 MB flash and 64 MB RAM in practice. At some point old devices deserve their retirement in a recycling plant.

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You are right. I recognize that I have a problem with the curiosity to learn, even if it is not worth it. I will recycle it.

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