Unstable wireless network with logs flooded by hostapd

I'm running a LinkSys WRT3200ACM with OpenWrt 18.06.1, and recently I've been noticing some instabilities with the router's wireless communication, and at one time, the router started rejecting all wireless connections even though the passphrase I entered were correct.

I couldn't find anything useful other than seeing the system log flooded with:

daemon.err hostapd: Failed to set beacon parameters

And restarting the router restored all wireless communications and temporarily stopped the log flooding. However, this seems to indicate some form of long-term instability as the issues would slowly resurface if the router continues to operate for a prolonged amount of time (usually after several weeks). When the complete rejection of wireless communication occurred, from what I could recall the router has been operating for at least 1-2 months without rebooting.

Not sure what kind of environment, system configuration, driver combinations would cause such an issue, and if it's normal, how to suppress the output to avoid resource issues...

It seems this issue (FS#1468) might be related, however, I don't use MAC filtering, only long passphrases using CCMP and KRACK protection, so the problem might be somewhere else.

I don't think that might be related... as the post you pointed to refers to a Mediatek mt76 driver which I don't think my router (WRT3200ACM) would use.

The thing is, the log flooding does not immediately happen, only after the system's been up for a prolonged amount of time. At first this only appear as some instabilities in the wireless communications and occasionally the disappearance of the 5GHz signal, but eventually it'll affect all communications, returning error responses that made devices think the passphrase was wrong (the devices, such as iPad, prompted for passphrase again), while in reality it wasn't (as the devices affected have been connected with the passphrase before and have the credentials saved, after rebooting the router the devices were once again able to connect).