Unstable connection when using zoom

I have some problems when using zoom.

I can spend most of the day browsing the internet on a browser without issue.

However, when I start zoom, I am almost guaranteed that the message "Unstable connection" appears, and very often the connection breaks, zoom closes, and my internet stops working.

A simple turning off and turning on of the wifi on the computer fixes that problem immediately.

I have monitored top and also the Luci page about memory, and no memory issue showed up there at the time of the break.

Anyone has any random idea of what the problem could be? Or how I could go about troubleshooting it?


You use radius. For 802.11i? Wondering, that radius starts accounting (again ?). AFAIK, radius only to be used for access control in your case. Thus, may be some misconfig for radius, i.e. session duration or data limit ?
You might try plain and simple, basic 802.11 instead of all this high-tech stuff.

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I see. Thanks for that. Do you know how to disable it?
As far as I can remember, the only thing I did was run the following :

opkg remove wpad-basic
opkg install wpad-openssl

and I think I didn't have to do anything in the config?

Just my two cents: browsing is much more resilient to unstable connections than Zoom; perhaps is always failing, but you only noticed it when using Zoom.

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Yes, but the connection is so bad it actually dies and I have to run off and on the wifi. It doesn't do that when I browse.

Simplest, and best, therefore to re-flash the device. Without saving the config, so to make some notes before.

ok, understood. maybe it's the right time to upgrade to OpenWrt 21.02. Do you have experience with it? Do you recommend it?

I use it on various hw platforms. However, you might search here for your device, to be on safe side.

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Ok sounds good. Thanks!

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