Unpack and repack tplink TD-W8961ND_V3 firmware

hello . i want to extract the firmware of TD-W8961ND_V3 but failed seem like its compressed with an uknown version of lzma
Please help i asked everywere with no idea

frimware link : https://github.com/dev-zzo/router-tools/files/5434677/TD-W8961ND_V3_150707.zip

According to WikiDevi:

this is with Ralink chipset. Did you try to use binwalk?

yes when extracted it give images like httpcode.rom rascode.rom .core .. and when retry binwalk against them it say lzma compressed but when try unlzma it say uknow format and i look in internet i found that the manufacturer some times use uknown version of lzma and squashfs

Some devices doesn't use Linux as OS and this device is one of them.

yes its based on zynOS but is there antway to unpack and repack those lzma compressed files?