Unofficial TRENDnet AC2600 (TEW-827DRU v1.0R)

Thanks jmomo.

Please start looking into updating the patches soon since I believe that the official 22.03.01 will come out in several weeks. There have been some recent significant fixes (reverting the virtual time-based airtime scheduler back to the round-robin scheduler, plus enhancements, and multicast fixes) for WIFI to prevent high latencies in a few scenarios.

The excessive latency problem exists in 21.02.2, 21.02.3 when the VTBA scheduler was introduced into the mac80211 driver after the 21.02.1 release. I asked the developer (Felix/nbd) to commit his fixes to 21.02 branch as well so the next 21.02.4 will also have the fixes. Unfortunately, I don't think he will do so.


22.03.0 has become official.

I pulled source today and started looking at the diffs. It doesn't look too bad but I'm really busy right now. It might be a week or two but I'll get new builds and patches out soon.


New build for v22.03.0 is up.

Still no DSA for ipq806x. No full config reset needed.

I tested almost nothing. I upgraded a system, ssh'd in, wireless was working, looked at the logread briefly, and that's it. It looks like it upgraded okay without the need for full wipe, then I downgraded and restored my previous configs. Install at your own peril.

v22.03 is missing a bunch of important packages for my systems so I'm not upgrading my fleet yet. glib2 is breaking a ton of stuff.

New patch set is v19. I was expecting a bunch of changes but there was very little. Just stuff moved around.

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Thank you jmomo. You're awesome.

mister! thanks again for giving openwrt to my great router. I was able to update but Transmission is not working, apparently it is something that exceeds your compilation. I hope it is solved. Hug

Transmission not Working

Yes, 22.03 broke a lot of packages. That's why I am staying on 21.02 for awhile until some of these things get fixed.

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New v21.02.4 build:

New v22.03.1 build:

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New build for v21.02.5:

New build for v22.03.2:

No change to patches.

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How can i help You to finish making support with official openwrt build?

OpenWRT/LEDE Project leaders previously rejected all of my patches and I didn't see any situation where it was possible to get them merged so I gave up trying. If someone else wants to take my work and move on with it, you are welcome to do so.

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It begins

Hey @jmomo
Thanks for preparing images for TEW-827DRU.
I am wondering whether you could make one time build with addition of NSS from Ipq806x NSS build (Netgear R7800 / TP-Link C2600 / Linksys EA8500)?
Few guys already asked author of above images to build extra target, but so far no luck.

OpenWrt 22.03.3 was released today. It may be a couple of weeks before I can do a build, due to heavy work and personal obligations I have right now.


Thanks for the update, hope you’re doing well.

New build 22.03.3 is out:

I have not tested this. Report back if you have any install problems.


New builds are out. I did both a v21.02 and v22.03 so be sure to grab the right one.

I have not tested these. Please report any problems if you find them.

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Due to a busy schedule, I may not be able to produce new builds for the latest release any time soon. It might be 6-12 weeks from now. I'm not sure. Eventually I will get around to it.

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New builds are out.


Thanks jmomo! I'll give it a try, what about v22 is it stable?