Unofficial support updates V19.07 - Xiaomi Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition (R4AG/R4A Gigabit)

Hi Xiaomi Mi router 4a gigabit owners,

In case you are not aware im still updating v19.07 stable for this device, but only on a stable release and nothing more.

Latest version - v19.07.8

I use the official config build and nothing more from now on. This allows for the official software repo to be used with no issues.

You can build your own image using the imagebuilder in each release i make.

Convenience scripts to build openwrt is in my source code - ./

NOTE: v21.02 is still in release candidate mode, so will not improve that until becomes a stable release.



Hi there,
That sounds great! You've done so many good things for this little router. Thanks for all your efforts and support...


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firstly thank you for this. I've used this release and found out that with hardware nat offloading on, the router gets unresponsive after some time. I cant ping the gateway, the wifi disconnects. I can share the system log and kernel log if you want.

Hi synapse,

Please go to, create a new issue and attach your logs to the issue.


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I was crashing the other day when I turned on hardware nat offloading. will create a new issue as you've said when it crashes again.

@db260179 Will you make a 21.02 release?

already available officially

Im only maintaining v19.07 release, the current v21.02 for me is still buggy, especially the switch method and old bugs in the new driver not addressed yet. But dont have time to look at, at the moment.