Unlocking Huawei HA35-22 Hybrid Modem DSL + LTE

Hi have anyone unlocked Huawei HA35-22 ? it's Hybrid Modem DSL + LTE
It's bonding DSL and LTE for better speed about disconnect I am unsure as I haven't tested it yet it detected DSL but coulnd't get it to connect with old PPPoe seems ISP is using another settings for bonding on ISP server. Both of ISP are using 17a profile.
Right now I am using another Hybrid modem and it's so unstable, getting unstable speeds.

I want to unlock it with general firmware. It's locked. I want to unlock it for better stability and to use with my ISP and. Any chance to get this working with DD-WRT or OpenWRT ?
They are selling this modem for cheap on Austrian marketplaces for like 20-40€
It's from Austrian A1 ISP also other ISP have same model like T2 Austria, Orange, Cosmote

Downloading general and Austrian A1 files give some clues
I holded reset as same also writes in manual but it even didn't worked to get into admin panel and use Admin or superuser PW then

I added docx file into Google Drive

Pictures of Modem and circuit board. I can take closer picture of parts if you need it.


Hi! Do you have any info about the CPU model, wireless model, LTE modem or other general specs? Also, please take pictures with the heatsinks removed from the chips so we can see the models.