Unlock YouTube for Android device

Hello. Once I already wrote on the forum about setting up WireGuard to unlock YouTube. I was advised by sites with a bunch of YouTube and Google IP addresses and instructions for setting up WireGuard itself. It didn't help me. And I found instructions on a third-party resource. So I unblocked YouTube and Google. Now when my PC is connected to the router, I can safely watch YouTube without installing an additional VPN or Proxy. It is noteworthy that for this I did not use hundreds of IP addresses, but ordinary addresses that are understandable to the eye.


But there is a problem. Smartphone. When the Smartphone is connected to the router. Google is working. But the android youtube application does not load. Does Google for the mobile app have any separate addresses that I didn't add to the list?

YouTube app, uses hard-coded as dns.

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And what does it mean? Youtube not unblocked?

It means, it's bypassing your settings, unless you force it to use your own DNS.

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The option "use your own DNS server" in the wg0 interface settings should not do exactly what you just described?

And you say that like it's the YouTube administration that blocks its application in my region. Because YouTube actually blocked my ISP. If YouTube's DNS is so heavily encrypted, then I probably don't understand something ...

I'm saying you need to make sure the YT apps dns calls goes via the tunnel.

If they don't, and they try to reach the Google DNS IPs outside the tunnel, the requests will be intercepted by your ISP.

But do you really need the wireguard tunnel, isn't masking the DNS traffic enough, or are the sites blocked by IP, not FQDN.

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I have no idea how the provider blocks it. On a PC in a browser, this method worked. Not in the mobile app.