Uninstall OpenWrt or LEDE on Linksys WRT32x

Hi, i need your help. I installed Open WRT on my Linksys WRT32x Gaming Router but i want to uninstall it. I've seen some tutorials on YT but they weren't for this router, i gave them a try but nothing happened. I really need help please

Did you try to follow the official instructions?

Since the stock firmware is in the same format as OpenWrt, it can simply be installed using the upgrade process. Download the .img file from Linksys to your PC. Go to OpenWrt's System--Backup/Flash Firmware page and load the file to the router. Be sure to uncheck the "keep settings" box. You will need to force the upgrade.

It is a good idea first thing after flashing back to stock to use the stock firmware to again re-flash another copy of stock firmware, and do not keep settings. This will ensure it is properly installed.

I did what you said and also uncheckd the "keep settings" box but when i click on !flash firmware" it says "The uploaded image file does not contain a supported format. Make sure that you choose the generic image format for your platform.

If you have an old version of OpenWrt that does not support force upgrade via the web GUI you will have to use the CLI method, or upgrade OpenWrt first.

Ok i downloaded the upgrade for OpenWrt. Do i have to do the same process but instead of choosing the WRT32x firmware i'll choose the OpenWrt one? And what about the "keep settings" box? Does it have to be unchecked?

Also, thank you so much i appreciate your help. I've been stuck with OpenWrt for 1 year and a half now.. Also had to buy a new router..

Yes you'd first go from whatever OpenWrt you have to 19.07.3 (and don't save settings). On that version its GUI should have a force upgrade option that can be used to flash back to stock firmware.

Yes that's what i did. But now the internet connection on the Linksys router it's not available and im connected to my ISP modem. What do i have to do?

No problem i fixed it!! thank you so much god bless you ahhaahha

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